Administrative benefits, inc.

Administrative benefits, inc.

Administrative benefits, inc.Administrative benefits, inc.

ABI works with multiple carriers across the country. State Funds to Self Funded Plans to Captive Carriers.
Our Loss Control consulting service focuses on working with our clients to help promote a safety culture that save lives, prevent injuries & illness, and reduces all associated costs.Our expertise in workplace safety is very broad and ranges from the general office / service environment to construction, healthcare / personal care, food service, manufacturing and transportation. Specific Loss Control initiatives may include, but are not limited to:

  • Workplace Safety Evaluation,
  • Program & Training Evaluation,
  • Specific Recommendations,
  • Safety Programs / Safety Handouts / Safety Checklists,
  • Product / Resource Research & References,
  • Safety Training,
  • Incident Investigations,
  • Trending Analysis,
  • OSHA & DOT Compliance Evaluations.

Claims Management​

We will deliver on Best Practices Claims Management within our Workers’ Compensation program as part of our cost containment strategy. Aggressively managing claims is paramount to our success.​Our Workers’ Compensation team is focused on ensuring injured employees receive appropriate treatment by qualified medical professionals in the most cost effective manner. Processes may vary by state and include the following:

  • Knowing and understanding the complexities and legal requirements of each state,
  • Utilizing industry resources,
  • Timely reporting,
  • Reviewing claims for potential fraud and subrogation,
  • Working directly with insurance carrier claims adjusters,
  • Requesting surveillance and/or additional resources,
  • Communicating with the client,
  • Continuously monitoring claims for malingering or abuse,
  • Identifying return to work opportunities, and
  • Working to ensure the claim gets closed as soon as reasonable possible.

Return To Work (RTW)​

Having an effective RTW strategy is imperative to help meet the goals and objectives for managing the bottom line. Our team works with clients to identify potential RTW candidates and provides program / process guidelines and tracking mechanisms that help capture and illustrate return on investment.​Further, value added proposition for RTW is as follows:

  • The injured worker continues to be productive and contributes to the Company.
  • Keeps the employee engaged with the workplace and not sitting idle.
  • Communication between the employee, treating physician, and the employer is much more effective.
  • Discourages abuse of workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Helps to prevent the employee from developing a disability mindset. A RTW focuses on the employees’ abilities – not their disabilities.
  • Finally, keeps the Total Incurred costs down. The faster an employee gets back to work in some capacity – the faster the claim will get closed!

Drug-Free Workplace Program (DFWP)​

A DFWP can enhance an employer’s ability to protect the health and safety of their employees and customers, as well as Company reputation and profits. In addition, a DFWP can help to retain stable workers and attract desirable applicants thereby creating a more productive workplace.​We have developed specific proven processes that meet or exceed regulatory / statutory requirements and can be adjusted to meet the needs of our clients. Those processes include:

  • Written program,
  • Training,
  • Employee notification,
  • Specific testing guidelines,
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP),
  • Tracking, and
  • Legal consultation as necessary.

​Another benefit to having a DFWP is the ability to require drug / alcohol testing of an injured worker. This may allow for the opportunity to reduce related costs if determined to be a contributing factor and/or proximate cause of the injury based on state specific factors.