Steve Prince has been involved in the PEO industry since 1989. Over the many years he has been involved in legislative recongnition of the PEO industry as well as the many changes in PEO administration software. He remains involved with the focus of always being out in front of market change in the areas of compliance, benefits, software and management skills. 

VP Operations


William Channing has been the VP of Operation for ABI since 1994. He manages all employee data, software technology and benefit administration. His focus is not only to field customer service questions, but to train and educate the client on processes that prevent errors. 

Benefits Advisor


Michael Williams is an up and coming benefits advisor that brings to the ABI table many different options for clients and individual participants. All of ABI clients have different needs from cost to coverage to network of providers. Our goal is to meet all the diverse challenges. 



Brandon Pitts of Pitts & Pitts, has been the only CPA for ABI since its inception. 1991

Telemedicine Advisor


Jesse Ohayon is the founder of Remedy. Me. Remedy.Me was launched to bring innovation to healthcare and save you money. With healthcare costs increasing, day-to-day healthcare is quickly becoming unaffordable. We treat 75% of common conditions to avoid costly and time-consuming doctor visits, Urgent Care or even Emergency Room visits. With Remedy.Me there are no copays or surprising bills. We've studied our competitors and brought you a better solution at a lower price. Contact us today to get the coverage you need.

Customer Relations

Alexandra Srausssasdadadwad

Alexandra Strauss brings innovative customer relations experience as well as new marketing strategies to the ABI Team.