Administrative benefits, inc.

Administrative benefits, inc.

Administrative benefits, inc.Administrative benefits, inc.

Five Major Medical Plans To Choose From


We live in unprecedented times. The new “employer culture” seeks to reduce cost, reduce risk and engage in new strategies that fit the future of providing benefits to their labor force. Our model identifies the demographics of your company, develops new compliant benefit options and implements and administers them. ABI can maximize efficiency and performance in employee and employer insurances as well as provide employee tools for communication of benefits changes, eligibility and timely customer service.  ​Group Medical Plan Options – Choose from a list of compliant major medical plans. If any of the plans we offer are not satisfactory to you liking, we will customize a plan for you. Sit down with our underwriters and reinsurers, tell them what you want, let's make it happen.

  • 1000 Deductible Plan
  • 3000 Deductible Plan
  • 3500 Deductible Plan
  • 5000 Deductible Plan
  • 6500 Deductible Plan

Dental & Vision Plans Available

Dental & Vision Plans Available

Innovation - Financing Voluntary Benefits For Employees

Experience The ABI Section 125 Cafeteria Experience

Short & Long Term Disability 

Life Insurance

GAP Insurance 

Critical Illness Plans

Employees Get Benefits


Employees save enough on FICA to contribute towards benefits they don't have.


We're Healthcare Innovators. Not Insiders was launched to bring innovation to healthcare and save you money. With healthcare costs increasing, day-to-day healthcare is quickly becoming unaffordable. We treat 75% of common conditions to avoid costly and time-consuming doctor visits, Urgent Care or even Emergency Room visits. With Remedy.Me there are no copays or surprising bills. We've studied our competitors and brought you a better solution at a lower price. Contact us today to get the coverage you need.